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Jazz | Avant-Trad

★★★★ 1/2

"A stunning achievement!"
All About Jazz (US)

"Juste incroyable! Simply a stellar perfomance"
Roots Music Canada

Best albums 2019
"A tremendous work of art"
Ici Musique



l'Oumigmag's critically acclaimed

new double-album

Habitant couverture.jpg

To live in the geographical, spiritual, and imaginary territories of Quebec in music. This is the proposition that motivates L'Oumigmag, the avant-trad and jazz ensemble, led by the composer, guitarist, and poet Sébastien Sauvageau. With the audacious double album Habitant, which will launch on September 6th, L'Oumigmag continues the luminous quest which began with Territoires (2017), casting a new and refreshing light on Quebec's musical roots. Habitant is a true voyage of Quebec's musical memories.

As with its music, which combines contemporary jazz and traditional music with the sounds of classical contemporary music, the ensemble brings together six musicians from far-apart horizons. Unique musical personalities work together to serve the same idea: to create an innovative and never-heard-before sound with a tenfold power, and filled with the brightest of light.

"An erudite and daring mix of jazz, trad and contemporary music. A great disc to which we will return, often"

F. Marchesseault - Ici Musique


★★★★ 1/2

« A stunning achievement! »
All About Jazz (US)



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