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Territoires, Oumigmag's first album is the story of a quest, a journey through the imaginary, spiritual and geographical territories of Québec. It is the story of the musk ox, said oumigmag in Inuktitut langage. The musical and poetic universe of Territoires draws inspiration from different sources. The pristine nature surrounding Lac Arthabaska, the native medecine wheel and its rich symbolic for the Four Directions' Cycle and a traditional québécois air with Pour la Suite du Monde as heard in the namesake film.

Composer Sébastien Sauvageau brought together a group tha cultivates the subtle balance between raw energy and contemplation in a breed of contemporary jazz and traditional music. Poweful, evocative and luminous music.

With the participation of singer Ariane Vaillancourt and traditional music singer Normand Miron form Les Charbonniers de l'Enfer.

Label : The 270 Sessions

"That's the strength of this record. Although it is inspired by Quebec geography, the album manages to make the listener travel in his own dreams and inner zones. It is very likely that these musics inspire everyone with a different picture. The musical territory that unfolds on six titles is full of tenderness and poetry; a moment that it would not be an exaggeration to qualify as meditative or even spiritual. "

François Marchesseault, Ici Musique, Radio-Canada

"This is the best jazz album from Quebec this year! Wow! So unique! "

Denys Lelièvre - Midi jazz CKRL


"Between jazz and traditional music, this slightly poetic and poetic exploration flies over both our province and Amerindian history. [...] In the company of musicians [...] you will truly go on an adventure. For the rest of the world at Lac Arthabaska, happiness is knocking on your door. "

Christophe Rodriguez - Journal de Montréal

« There’s a dual personality to the debut album from l’Oumigmag that is more than a little bit appealing. [...] There’s no end to the nuturing patience given to melodies to reach full bloom. It sometimes takes a little while before they fully manifest within a song, but when they do, it leads to all kinds of prettiness. [...]

Territoires is an enjoyable recording and a very promising debut. »

Dave Sumner - Bird is the Worm


« An impressionistic journey... »

Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz